Our Purpose

Join us and become a steward of our land and of our future

The Tithing Tree is a non-profit organization that opens the doorway to environmental giving through a secure, wireless platform to receive micro-donations. As a citizen solution to global giving, individuals and businesses of any size can now donate through NFC tap-and-go technology right at the point of sale. The Tithing Tree’s ease of use breaks down barriers to supporting conservation efforts for our global forests, oceans, wildlife, and agricultural practices.

As a steward of The Tithing Tree, you are part of the most revolutionary giving platform to date. As your micro-donations join those of other concerned citizens, you’ll affect a multitude of environmental conservation-focused nonprofits all at once. These carefully vetted partners put your funding to work in a range of critical areas gravely impacted by climate change, ensuring a more equitable and livable future for us all.

At The Tithing Tree, we believe we all must play a role in helping the planet thrive because economic growth can no longer come at the expense of the Earth’s health. Human collaboration enables our entire ecosystem to benefit. Real change starts from the bottom up when our local financial impact is multiplied globally by our neighbors’ generosity. There is an enormous economic and ecological impact on communities, and our partners recognize that our planet cannot begin to heal until we look at it as a whole.

Carole Thompson

The Tithing Tree Founder

Our wireless giving platform is facilitated through readily accessible NFC-embedded logos, conveniently placed at the check-out counters of high-traffic retail businesses, cafés, coffee houses, and more.
Equipped with the ability to give small sums at your convenience while you move throughout your day, you will begin to offset your carbon footprint effortlessly.

Our autonomous donation points activate empathy and empower change. The Tithing Tree helps turn your transactional experiences into transformational ones. Let’s place ownership of our global futures back in the hands of our worldwide communities today while we still can.

The establishments that display our logo are a network of socially responsible entities doing their part to make the Earth a better place for all living things. At the highest level, our goal is to transform the hearts of individuals, communities, and society as a whole to restore a sense of hope in our shared future. By embracing our vision through The Tithing Tree’s financial impact, we’ll improve multiple areas impacted by the climate crisis, from ancient forests to coral reefs.

Carole Thompson is passionate about environmental conservation and global issues, specifically how collective personal action can help reverse climate change. Originally from Virginia, Carole now calls South Florida home. She recognizes first-hand the importance of preserving the health of our land, forests, and oceans for the sake of the planetary home we humans share with insects, birds, fish, mammals, animals, and all wildlife. With this understanding, The Tithing Tree grew out of the soil of hope for a new, healthier future.

Micro-giving for a Better World



By 2050, tree planting could shrink our carbon gas emissions by one-fifth. This climate solution is cost-effective and does not require government action. Everyone can play a part.



Our oceans and marine life face catastrophic environmental crises: pollution, overfishing, coral reef death, beach erosion, rising sea levels, and more. We must find ways to help.



Current events such as wildfires, droughts, commercial and residentiaI over-development, illegal hunting and poaching, and more all magnify the need to rethink how we live our lives.



The U.S. has a strong food chain, but it is often at the detriment of our environment. Making the paradigm shift to regenerative agriculture, we can feed more people locally and globally.

Let’s Restore, Regreen, and Reverse Climate Change Together

Our lifestyle choices contribute directly to carbon emissions and greenhouse gases. Help negate your carbon footprint and aid in the healing of Earth. Donate today. Together, we can serve and empower our greater community through global conservation and environmental restoration.