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The Tithing Tree is a non-profit organization that opens the doorway to environmental giving through a secure, wireless platform to receive micro-donations.

How it works

Our wireless giving platform is facilitated through readily accessible NFC-embedded logos, conveniently placed at the check-out counters of high-traffic retail businesses, cafés, coffee houses, and more.

Equipped with the ability to give small sums at your convenience while you move throughout your day, you will begin to offset your carbon footprint effortlessly.

Micro-giving for a Better World



By 2050, tree planting could shrink our carbon gas emissions by one-fifth. This climate solution is cost-effective and does not require government action. Everyone can play a part.



Our oceans and marine life face catastrophic environmental crises: pollution, overfishing, coral reef death, beach erosion, rising sea levels, and more. We must find ways to help.



Current events such as wildfires, droughts, commercial and residentiaI over-development, illegal hunting and poaching, and more all magnify the need to rethink how we live our lives.



The U.S. has a strong food chain, but it is often at the detriment of our environment. Making the paradigm shift to regenerative agriculture, we can feed more people locally and globally.

Carefully vetted partners put your funding to work in a range of critical areas gravely impacted by climate change, ensuring a more equitable and livable future for us all.

Donate Now and Move from Transaction to Transformation!

  • Experience conservation beyond boundaries, politics, and limits
  • Become an agent of environmental change with your everyday transactions
  • Create a new ethos of conscious capitalism through your generosity
  • Be the “we” as you transform hearts and communities around the world
  • Resonate with a renewed sense of hope in our shared future

The Tithing Tree is a wireless giving platform that helps you become a steward of our shared future. The Tithing Tree is your doorway to simultaneously affect environmental change in multiple areas, all critically impacted by the climate crisis.


GOAL : 5000 $


GOAL : 5000 $


GOAL : 5000 $


GOAL : 5000 $

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The Tithing Tree

The Tithing Tree is your one-stop citizen solution for making a strong, sustainable impact on climate change. The Tithing Tree empowers you to affect our planet in your everyday life by efficiently supporting a network of exceptional nonprofits committed to ensuring a more equitable and livable future for us all.

Our near-field communication (NFC) encoded logo helps you offset your carbon emissions effortlessly. Donation points with preset denominations will be accessible at high-traffic retail businesses. Place your smartphone next to our NFC logo and donate with one secure tap.

We collaborate with a vast network of carefully vetted partners, demonstrating values that align with our world-centric approach to reversing, restoring, and regreening our planet. Tithing Tree partners care deeply about addressing conservation challenges at local and global levels.

We all need to commit to our future together. The Tithing Tree helps us make this commitment through our everyday consumer-based transactions. A simple tap can activate empathy and empower change through a series of micropayments that will significantly impact our planet.

Restore, Regreen, and Reverse Climate Change.

Create a new ethos of giving and stewardship. Be part of the solution.

Turn your transactional experience into a transformational one!

Open the doorway to environmental change.

Use your money for sustainability - for people and the planet.

Turn a transactional experience into a transformational one!

Activate empathy and empower change with one tap.