Become a Steward


Become a Sustainable Business Partner

  • Partnering with the Tithing Tree and displaying our logo at your business helps individuals turn transactional experiences into transformational ones.
  • Our near-field communication (NFC) encoded logo helps your customers offset their carbon emissions effortlessly right at your company’s point of sale.
  • Donation points in high-traffic retail businesses.
  • Customers place their smartphones next to our NFC logo and donate wirelessly with one secure tap.
  • Invest in climate change initiatives and make customers aware when purchasing your product.
  • Become a model of best-practice initiatives for the environment and our future.

**Email to ask us a question, sign up for our stewardship program, or suggest a business ally**


Act on Your Global Citizenship

  • Affect climate change as you go about your everyday life.
  • The Tithing Tree’s wireless autonomous donation points let you donate while making purchases.
  • Complete a secure microdonation without entering a credit card or any personal financial information.
  • Donate to multiple qualified environmental charities at once.
  • The Tithing Tree transforms your small change into a vast, global monetary impact.